Operators Urged To File for Fuel Tax Refunds

 - April 9, 2007, 12:30 PM

NBAA and the National Air Transportation Association are creating a joint working group to address the fuel tax provisions of the Highway Bill that was signed by the President earlier this month. “Of particular concern is that taxes on jet fuel will be assessed at the diesel fuel rate [24.4 cents per gallon instead of the 21.9-cent per-gallon jet fuel rate] and deposited into the Highway Trust Fund,” NBAA said. The focus of the group will be to educate the industry to encourage 100-percent filing for refunds, as well as to develop a tax-secure process workable for business aviation. “Only if and when a refund for the 2.5-cent difference is applied for by the ’registered ultimate vendor’ will the taxes be transferred into the Airport and Airway Trust Fund.”