Mercury/Corporate Wings Now One Company

 - April 11, 2007, 6:39 AM

Cleveland-based Corporate Wings/Mercury Air Centers this week named Richard Michaels as its vice president of marketing. Michaels, a 25-year business aircraft sales veteran, was tapped by company CEO Kenn Ricci to head marketing and sales functions for all affiliated companies. This is the first official confirmation that FBO chains Corporate Wings and Mercury Air Centers are now operating as one entity headed by Ricci, the former chairman and CEO at fractional provider Flight Options, which started as an offshoot of Ricci-owned Corporate Wings. Since he left the fractional provider in February 2003, Ricci has been quietly running Corporate Wings’ four FBOs, though rumors that he struck a deal with Mercury Air Centers had been circulating since earlier this spring. The combined Corporate Wings/Mercury Air Centers operates FBOs in 21 U.S. cities.