Feras Handling Group Making Westward Move

 - April 17, 2007, 11:42 AM

Business Aviation handling group Feras, perhaps best known for its support services network in eastern and central Europe and the CIS, continues to expand in a westerly direction. It is extending its central European base and expects to open seven new bases in Germany over the next 12 months. It already has bases at three Berlin airports, as well as at Frankfurt and Munich and is now seeking handling licenses at Hamburg, Bremen, Hanover, Dresden, Leipzig, Nuremburg and Stuttgart. Feras has also declared its ambitions to expand further westward with plans for a new base at Brussels National Airport. In Frankfurt, the company has made arrangements to offer Hahn Airport as an alternative to the city’s slot-restricted Frankfurt Main International Airport. Feras does not have fully-equipped bases at each of its locations; at a minimum it provides a fully trained representative to ensure handling requirements are met. The company’s regional coordination centers are located in Prague, Moscow and Khabarovsk in eastern Russia.