FAA Slaps Platinum with $1.86M in Civil Penalties

 - April 18, 2007, 5:11 AM

The FAA has hit Platinum Jet with civil penalties totaling more than $1.86 million for violations involving 49 passenger-carrying flights. The agency became aware of the violations during investigation of a February 2 accident at Teterboro Airport in which a Challenger 600 operated by Platinum Jet crashed into a building following an aborted takeoff. A letter from the FAA dated July 8 informing Platinum Jet of the penalties noted that for that flight, “Platinum failed to prepare, before takeoff, accurate load manifests containing required information concerning loading of aircraft.” Further, the company “altered the pre-printed center of gravity calculation form by lowering the basic operating weight when there had been no changes to the aircraft justifying such alteration.” As a result, the aircraft attempted takeoff with a fuel load listed at 3,000 pounds when it actually was approximately 4,500 pounds, said the FAA in its letter. “Platinum operated the aircraft over the maximum takeoff gross weight and forward of the allowable center of gravity limit.” Platinum Jet has 30 days following receipt of the letter to submit the “suggested amount in settlement or furnish additional information pursuant to the described procedures.”