Heightened Security Follows London Bombings

 - April 18, 2007, 7:13 AM

Travelers through both airline and general aviation terminals in the UK should expect longer delays from enhanced security screening and plan accordingly, according to a special report issued by Houston-based Air Security International (ASI) in the wake of today’s bombings in London. “Although reports indicate that Heathrow Airport is operating normally, flights into Heathrow and Northolt Airports are being affected as ATC is banning flights from overflying central London,” ASI said. At last report, “The subway line into and out of Heathrow Airport had been suspended, but the ground rail network is reportedly operating normally, if with heavy congestion. Concerns of a spillover effect on London’s outlying airports of Farnborough, Luton, Gatwick and Stansted were lessening.” Most major European cities have raised their security alert status. ASI advises that travelers within the greater London area should be prepared to “modify their travel plans and travel using private transportation, as the public transportation network will be overwhelmed.” All major European cities have raised their security alert status, ASI said, and travel throughout western Europe may be heavier through the remainder of the week as police forces are increasing their presence with particular focus on transportation networks. “So far their presence is visible but not hampering travel significantly. Security at all major airports in the area is being increased as well.” The latest count indicates about 40 deaths from the bombings.