Boots on Struts Could Be Ordered for Caravans

 - April 19, 2007, 6:42 AM

A proposed AD would require the installation of deicing boots on the landing-gear struts of nearly 750 U.S.-registered Cessna 208 Caravans, as well as other changes to deicing equipment and procedures contained in a 1991 Cessna accessory kit. The directive stems from the FAA’s investigation into nine incidents within the past few months and six accidents in the previous two icing seasons. In addition to mandating boots on the struts (wing-strut boots were a part of the aircraft’s original deicing package), the AD would also require boots on cargo pods, installation of a pilot assist handle and changes to the pilot’s operating handbook and airplane flight manual. The Cessna accessory kit also adds a low-airspeed icing warning system, a windshield ice indicator and an enlarged windshield anti-ice panel. The FAA estimates the cost of compliance at about $9,600 per airplane. Comments on the proposal are due by August 22. For more information, contact the FAA in Atlanta at (770) 703-6064. This is the second AD to result from the FAA’s investigation into Caravan icing accidents and incidents. A March directive called for more stringent visual and tactile preflight inspections. Both ADs address some of the recommendations made by the NTSB in December.