NetJets Pilot Picketing Apparently Effective

 - April 19, 2007, 6:53 AM

It appears that the informational picketing by NetJets pilots, who are represented by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 1108, is having the desired effect of putting pressure on company management to finally hammer out a new contract with the pilot workforce. This manner of bringing their dissatisfaction before the public is believed to have led to a recent agreement between the union and company to continue bargaining sessions outside scheduled NMB-mediated sessions, which were halted in late May. The parties have agreed to target 10 meeting days a month, with the first four-day session scheduled to end tomorrow. According to Local 1108, the union negotiating committee has entered into an additional 120-day agreement to allow negotiators time to reach a tentative agreement on five of the remaining seven open issues: seniority, crew basing, scheduling, general conditions and insurance. Once they reach a tentative agreement on these issues, recognition and wages will then be put on the negotiating agenda, according to Local 1108. As a matter of policy, NetJets does not comment on contract negotiations.