Gyro-driven Synthetic-vision EFBs Introduced

 - April 24, 2007, 10:53 AM

Mercury Computer Systems introduced two new class II-qualified electronic flight bag (EFB) systems targeting operators of larger aircraft. Mercury’s original VistaNav EFB class-I CIS-1000 is a tablet PC offering a 2-D or 3-D synthetic view of the outside world, including highway-in-the-sky approaches. The tablet receives wireless signals from a separate inertial navigation unit housing a WAAS GPS receiver and solid-state gyros. The new EFB class-II CIS-2000 and CIS-2200 EFBs offer the same synthetic-vision features, but the touch-screen tablet PC includes hard buttons and a rotary selector. The tablet is hard-wired to a separate mobile computing platform with its own processor, graphics accelerator, WAAS GPS receiver, solid-state gyros and 45-minute backup battery. The STC-capable CIS-2200 offers a brighter screen and higher frame rate than the CIS-2000 and comes standard with solid-state storage rated to 40,000 feet. Prices are $5,999 for the CIS-2000 (shipments start in June) and $9,999 for the CIS-2200 (shipments start in August).

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