Dassault Projects Fewer Falcon Deliveries

 - April 25, 2007, 10:00 AM

Dassault Aviation chairman and CEO Charles Edelstenne, addressing reporters on the eve of the Paris Air Show this week, said Falcon deliveries will reach between 50 and 55 this year. Although he said economic conditions have improved "measurably" since 2004, this figure is short of the 63 Falcons delivered last year. He cited two reasons for this. "The first was that we received orders for just 40 Falcons in 2003," although 49 were delivered that year. And as a result of the accelerated depreciation tax credit for business aircraft buyers in the U.S., "a number of our customers brought forward deliveries that were initially planned for delivery in the early part of 2005." Edelstenne also provided an update of the fly-by-wire Falcon 7X, orders for 55 of which have been received. Saying that "products are only as good as the service and maintenance that support them," Edelstenne mentioned the previously announced FalconCare, a six-year renewable support program that includes parts and labor, on-site technical assistance and service bulletins.