GA Slams FAA ‘Fact Sheet’ as Not Factual

 - April 26, 2007, 10:35 AM

A recently posted FAA Fact Sheet aimed at curbing the alleged myths about the agency’s funding proposal has been strongly criticized by a coalition of general aviation interests as being far from factual. According to a detailed analysis of the fact sheet by the newly formed Alliance for Aviation Across America, the document is the “latest round of rhetoric that has been put out by the FAA and the airlines since the introduction of their proposal, which would purposefully transfer billions of dollars of the airlines’ tax burden onto businesses and communities that rely on small planes.” The Alliance addresses each of the FAA’s response to the “myths” charged by the GA community. One of the most contentious remarks in the fact sheet: “The bottom line is that under the current [funding] system, the family of four taking a budget vacation [on an airline] is subsidizing the CEOs flying on a corporate jet.”