Legacy Cockpit Voice Recorder Strengthens Pilots’ Case

 - May 22, 2007, 11:24 AM

Cockpit voice recordings from the Embraer Legacy that collided with the Gol Airlines 737 over the Amazon last September indicate that the two business-jet pilots were very much aware of their position and altitude, despite earlier reports to the contrary. The transcript shows the Legacy crew checked in at their assigned altitude of FL370 at 1850Z. From here, the pilots chatted at length about their fuel status and the conditions of their destination airport. Although the transcript does show confusion about a system, the pilots actually discussed Airshow, the cabin management system, not the avionics as has previously been reported. At 1939Z Brazilian ATC tried to contact the airplane until approximately 1955Z, but no mention of a traffic conflict was made, even though impact occurred at 1956Z. A federal police report filed recently by Brazilian authorities says that pilots Joseph Lepore and Jan Paladino should be charged with endangering an aircraft without intention, though it also lays blame on the controllers, who would have to be charged by the military.