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TFE731 operators can enter fault-code reporting service

 - May 23, 2007, 6:04 AM

Operators of jets powered by Honeywell TFE731 engines with digital electronic engine controls (DEECs) will be able to participate in the fault-code reporting service offered by Honeywell and Jet-Care beginning on June 1. The fault-code reporting service was announced in mid-2005, and Honeywell and Jet-Care have been preparing to launch the service since then.

Jet-Care has provided TFE731 engine performance trend monitoring services since 1981. Operators that participate in Honeywell’s per-hour maintenance service plan (MSP) automatically participate in the Jet-Care trend monitoring program. Those who wish to take advantage of the new fault-code reporting service will pay an additional fee, but Jet-Care did not disclose that amount.

As part of the new fault-code reporting service, Jet-Care can not only identify and read the entire DEEC download but it can also go back to any previous DEEC readouts and evaluate historical fault code data. All DEEC downloads that operators have previously sent to Jet-Care contain all the fault-code data, so that information is available for analysis.

Operators currently e-mail the DEEC download file directly to Jet-Care. Eventually, Jet-Care may offer a service where the DEEC file can be sent electronically via an aircraft’s datalink, according to Alan Baker, Jet-Care sales and marketing manager, “but that’s to be discussed,” he said. After Jet-Care receives the DEEC data, it sends an e-mail report to the operator with details of any fault codes. If there are critical faults, a Jet-Care program manager will telephone the operator. Operators can also nominate other parties to receive the e-mail reports from Jet-Care, such as maintenance providers or OEM service centers.