FAA Releases Extensive Final Rule Incorporating Rnav

 - June 12, 2007, 9:52 AM

The FAA published a broad final rule last week that incorporates Rnav definitions, clarifies the intent of obstacle departure procedures and modifies definitions to seek consistency with ICAO wording. With this rule, the FAA is amending FAR Part 1.1 to include or amend definitions for decision height, decision altitude and final approach fix. As such, numerous sections within the FARs will now include reference to the definitions, while more specific references to ground-based navaid technology have been removed. For example, FAR Part 91.205(e) now allows for Rnav in lieu of DME above 24,000 feet. Also covered in the new rule is FAR Part 91.175(f)(3), which regulates the use of obstacle departure procedures and gives certain provisions for Part 121 and 135 operators. The rule becomes effective August 6. “The changes will facilitate the use of new navigation reference sources, enable advancements in technology and increase efficiency of the National Airspace System,” the FAA explained.