Embraer Issues Alert after ERJ 135 Accident

 - July 5, 2007, 12:01 PM

The NTSB said last week it is investigating an accident that occurred at Boston Logan International on June 20 in which an American Eagle ERJ 135 struck the runway with the gear retracted before taking off again for a go-around. According to the Safety Board, the crew stated that all three landing gear indicator lights were green before the accident. However, a “landing gear lever disagree” warning appeared on the flight computer console shortly before the aircraft struck the runway. The crew landed safely after an emergency manual gear extension. An initial investigation reproduced the indication with the aircraft on jack stands, and a test by Parker Aerospace, the maker of an electronic component of the landing gear system, found a similar unit also gave the same indication in a different aircraft. Embraer has since issued a Field Service Letter for all ERJ 135, 140 and 145 operators to remind pilots to follow the checklist in the case of a landing gear disagree message.