NTSB: Medical Citation Pilots Discussed Trim Issues

 - July 10, 2007, 11:39 AM

The NTSB issued an update last week on the Citation II that crashed into Lake Michigan shortly after departing General Mitchell International (MKE) in Milwaukee last month, killing all aboard. In the update, the Safety Board said a crewmember declared an emergency shortly after takeoff, with the intention of returning to MKE. The recovered cockpit voice recorder shows that the flight crew “had difficulty with the directional control of the airplane shortly after takeoff.” At one point, one pilot told the other to “hold the airplane’s controls so that he could pull circuit breakers” according to the report. The update also said that aircraft records examined after the accident showed the autopilot engage relay was replaced in November of last year, with no unresolved discrepancies since. Preliminary examination of the wreckage indicated that the “pitch, roll and yaw trim settings were not in the neutral position.”