NBAA Reveals Possible Details of New Security Program

 - July 24, 2007, 11:40 AM

NBAA today unveiled some long-anticipated potential changes to GA security. New security measures could include required government approval for all flights on a flight-by-flight basis and freedom for the federal government to access internal documents and implement and modify operators’ security procedures. An NBAA spokesman told AIN that the new measures are among a number being considered by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), but he stressed that they are “possible scenarios” and might not be included in the final proposal. The TSA is expected to introduce its GA security proposal later this year. Meanwhile, according to NATA, the TSA recently revised the Twelve-Five Standard Security Program. The new program contains “only minor revisions to the previous issuance,” according to the association, and “compliance with the new version is essentially required immediately.” Affected operators can review the revisions on the TSA Web board.