Tech Team Demos Incursion-prevention Technology

 - August 30, 2007, 12:29 PM

AIN this week participated in a demonstration of new technology aimed at preventing runway incursions, where Honeywell’s airborne TCAS units were linked with Sensis’ ASDE-X airport surface detection radar and its associated multilateration safety logic system. The prototype system was demonstrated in two simulated incursions at the Syracuse, N.Y. airport on Tuesday. In the first demonstration, Honeywell’s King Air and Sabreliner began simultaneous takeoffs on Runways 10 and 15, which intersect at their far ends. Shortly after brake release, both pilots heard clear and repeated “converging traffic” audio warnings, allowing ample room to stop before the intersection. In the second demonstration, the Sabreliner taxied onto Runway 28 as the King Air was on short final, whereupon the King Air pilot received a clear, repeated “runway occupied” aural alert. Company officials stressed that the concept is still in its infancy, with further refinements anticipated, and neither company is ready to commit to a production timeframe.