FAA Charter OpCon Teams Activated

 - September 4, 2007, 11:26 AM

Between now and December 31, the FAA is sending teams of aviation safety inspectors to conduct “special emphasis inspections” of all Part 135 charter operators focusing on compliance with FAR Parts 119 and 135 and OpSpec A002 and A008 operational control requirements. The instructions to the inspector workforce are detailed in FAA Notice N8900.16, which contains an inspection checklist. A PowerPoint presentation summarizes training given to FAA inspectors on standards to use for the inspections. The Notice notes that certificate holders are making a “transition to a new system of operational control,” although none of the applicable regulations have changed. The FAA will allow operators to immediately fix minor discrepancies discovered during these inspections, but for larger infractions it will issue warning letters, assess civil penalties and/or suspend Part 135 certificates. The worst case involves an inspection finding that a “certificate holder is franchising its certificate to non-certificated entities,” which “typically warrants emergency revocation action.”