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Raisbeck Installs 50th ZR Lite Kit

 - September 19, 2007, 11:35 AM

Seattle-based Raisbeck Engineering (Booth No. 2606) said it completed the 50th installation of its ZR Lite performance kit for the Learjet 31. West Star Aviation of Grand Junction, Colo., installed the milestone modification on a Learjet 31A operated by Kirkland Construction of Pueblo, Colo. “The ZR Lite performance system has become so popular that we can hardly keep it in stock,” said Nick Nicholson, a Raisbeck sales manager. “I would not be surprised if we top 80 sales by the end of the year.”

ZR Lite uses the modified wing flaps developed for the “bat wing” ZR modification for the Learjet 35/36. The flaps are designed with a six-degree upward deflection at the inboard trailing edge that reduces the shock wave that forms aft of the widest part of the engine nacelle. Raisbeck claims the modification can cut fuel burn by 10 percent on long-range flights. The kit received FAA approval in March.