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Rosen gets PMA OK for 25 cabin items

 - September 19, 2007, 1:22 PM

Rosen Aviation said it has received FAA approval for 25 cabin entertainment system components. Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) was obtained for products relating to display systems, the RosenView LX moving map, a single-disc DVD player, various connector kits, arm mounts and harnesses.

The Eugene, Ore. company was given a “letter of assist” in July by Stevens Aviation granting permission to seek PMA approval for components installed on a Stevens-serviced airplane. PMAs make it easier for dealers to sell equipment.

Stevens offers three in-flight entertainment system options for customers at its five service centers in the U.S.: Elite, VIP and Executive. Each uses Rosen Aviation products as core equipment, complemented by displays, video/audio sources, headphones and amplifiers. The most elaborate Executive level system incorporates cabin speaker placements.