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Flight Explorer unveils latest suite upgrade

 - September 21, 2007, 6:53 AM

Representatives from global flight tracking and IT solutions provider Flight Explorer (Booth No. 1714) are here to demonstrate the latest version of the Flight Explorer Professional Edition software package. According to the company, the Version 8.0 upgrade adds increased functionality including route alerting, enhanced aircraft estimated time of arrival and estimated time en route utilities, a datalink messaging interface and a new suite of weather products added to the flight-tracking display.

The company said its new proprietary “four-dimensional” route modeling system adds the dimension of time to latitude, longitude and altitude, allowing users to predict future locations of aircraft along their routes. For oceanic flights or flights into areas lacking thorough radar coverage, the software allows users to virtually “fly the flight plan” to predict aircraft location. Using the software’s flight-following capabilities, a user-configurable route deviation alert will trigger a response if the aircraft strays from its prescribed path.

The FE Communicator uses the existing Flight Explorer interface to facilitate ground-to-air data transmissions between FE users and equipped aircraft.
Enhancements to the weather reporting capabilities include higher-resolution visualization from a new suite of real-time global aviation forecasts provided by DTN/Meteorlogix and Ensco.

According to Flight Explorer’s CEO Jim Kelly, “The new tools available in FE Professional 8.0 support our continued focus to provide our customers the most powerful, comprehensive and integrated flight-tracking display the aviation industry has to offer.”

In addition, with the National Airspace System becoming increasingly congested and complex, “Flight Explorer is also providing our customers a clear path to improved operations through CDM/ TFM simplification, integration and automation,” he said. CDM/ TFM is the FAA’s collaborative decision-making/traffic flow management initiative.

The company said it provides flight tracking, IT and communications services for more than 800 clients around the world, including for many corporate flight departments and most major and regional airlines in the U.S.