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Jormac bins make for more room overhead

 - September 24, 2007, 3:34 PM

The owner is rarely the sole occupant of an airliner converted to executive configuration; his or her staff needs a place to sit, stow belongings and strap in. Jormac Aerospace, part of Yankee Pacific, has developed an overhead-bin/cabin-liner system for the Boeing 727/737/757 that it says addresses the completion requirements for staff seating better than the factory equivalent does.

 The Jormac bins provide 28 percent more volume and can handle wheels-first stowage of most carry-on-size bags. Opening the bin activates interior LED lighting, and the liner incorporates the acoustic technology used in Jormac’s executive aircraft liners. The new system is the first available in fully integrated, custom lengths tailored to the client-specified interior layout. Delivery time is 18 weeks from receipt of order.

Other features include lightweight blade-type window shades, upwash and/or downwash LED lighting behind valence panels and passenger service units that can accommodate personal drop-down video displays. The system allows for 2/2 business- or first-class seating or 3/3 economy-class seating. Side ledges with cup holders are available when using 2/2 seating arrangements.

“With 28 percent greater volume yet a reduced parts count, our bin system is a significant improvement to the standard Boeing product,” said Steve Jourdenais, Jormac COO. First delivery is expected by the end of the year.