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Stevens nearing Learjet 35SE delivery date

 - September 24, 2007, 11:19 AM

Under its Lear4Ever program, Stevens Aviation is slated to deliver the first Learjet 35SE (Special Edition) next year. The mod includes the Universal 890R avionics suite, Rockwell Collins’ AHC-1000 attitude and heading reference system and a new instrument panel. Options include the Universal UNS-1L FMS, class-A or -B TAWS, L-3 Skywatch, RVSM and Universal Vision 1–the first synthetic-vision system available for a Learjet, said Stevens.

In addition to a revamped cockpit, the Learjet 35SE comes with new paint and interior, in-flight entertainment, the Raisbeck ZR Lite drag-reduction system and aft fuselage locker, and Avcon Delta fins. Ramp, takeoff and landing weights all go up.

“We are taking the classic, time-tested Learjet 35 airframe and updating it with all of the latest cutting-edge technology to create the Learjet 35SE,” said Ivan Wilson, v-p of engineering/certification and business development for Stevens Aviation. “With around seven hundred 30-series aircraft in operation, these are some of the most utilized and sought-after airframes in the world.

 “The cockpit upgrades are designed to incorporate all mandates and cockpit features while reducing crew workload and increasing situational awareness and safety. The wing and aerodynamic modifications significantly increase speed, cruise altitude, rate of climb, range, takeoff performance and dispatch reliability,” Wilson said.