As Expected, NTSB Blames Comair Crew for Accident

 - October 2, 2007, 11:26 AM

The NTSB blamed the crew of the Comair Bombardier regional jet that crashed at Lexington (Ky.) Blue Grass Airport on August 27 last year for failing to realize that they were taking off from the wrong runway. The crash killed 49 people; the first officer, the sole survivor, sustained serious injuries. Runway 26, the runway the crew mistakenly used, is only 3,500 feet long; Runway 22, the runway they were cleared to use, is 7,003 feet long. The Board also cited the crew’s distraction by “nonpertinent conversation during taxi” and the FAA’s failure to require that all runway crossings be authorized only by specific ATC clearances. The report noted that there was construction at Blue Grass and the taxiway identifiers on the airport chart were not accurate. The notam about the closure of Taxiway A was not given to the pilots. Only one controller was on duty at the time of the 6:35 a.m. crash.