Committee Wants Faster ADS-B Implementation

 - October 16, 2007, 12:19 PM

The recently released ADS-B aviation rulemaking committee (ARC) report says the FAA must implement “some combination of financial incentives and operational benefits to…significantly accelerate ADS-B equipage” before 2020, the compliance date of the proposed rule. In the report, the ARC said it has confidence in the FAA’s ability to deploy the ADS-B ground infrastructure, but it is concerned about the agency’s ability to approve operational procedures that would provide early benefits that cannot be achieved with the existing NAS surveillance infrastructure. These benefits include real-time, in-aircraft displays of traffic, as well as uplinked graphical weather and other flight data. The ARC issued 12 recommendations to the FAA, and identified the following three as “key” initiatives: collaborate with the aviation industry and aggressively develop an appropriate combination of financial incentives and accelerated operational benefits; accelerate and prioritize the identification of operations enabled by ADS-B, with approval of reduced separation standards for initial operations with a high level of user benefits by 2012; and establish certification requirements for aircraft displays for “ADS-B In” applications by 2010.