FAA Orders Better Bird Ingestion Tolerance for Turbines

 - October 23, 2007, 11:23 AM

Beginning next month, engine manufacturers seeking FAA type certification for new turbine designs with inlet areas greater than 2.5 square meters (roughly 27 sq ft) will have to pass more stringent bird-ingestion tests. The amended rule–already accepted by the EASA–formalizes standards that the industry has already largely adopted, according to Marc Bouthillier of the FAA’s engine and propeller directorate. The amendment modifies the agency’s 2000 regulations under FAR 33.76, which was considered insufficient soon after adoption. The measure was prompted by observations of changes in bird patterns near airports, coupled with an increase in the number of flights. Authorities believe these new engine standards will cope with an anticipated increase in the number of bird-ingestion incidents. The affected engines generally would be in the class powering bizliners such as the BBJ and ACJ and larger.