NATA Launches Aviation Environmental Committee

 - December 13, 2007, 11:34 AM

Acknowledging that “there is no doubt that the environmental movement we are seeing today could be the greatest challenge confronting [the aviation] industry in quite some time,” National Air Transportation Association (NATA) president James Coyne yesterday announced the creation of the association’s new Environmental Committee. “By establishing this new committee, we hope to take a proactive step so that we, as an industry, are prepared to meet any calls for new environmental standards while making certain that common sense and practicability are applied.” NATA’s Environmental Committee will review issues and develop the association’s position on a wide array of environmental concerns confronting its members. The tasks for this new standing committee won’t be developed until initial meetings starting next month, but several issues are already being considered, including aircraft emissions and carbon offset programs, fuel-spill prevention and containment and the environmental impact of de-icing fluid. More than 15 member companies from across the industry have already joined the committee, which will be chaired by DayJet vice president of strategic operations Traver Gruen-Kennedy. NATA has also released an initial background paper to outline the committee’s mission.