Gulfstream Gets Double Vision

 - January 29, 2008, 11:06 AM

Gulfstream Aerospace announced yesterday that its synthetic-vision system and second-generation enhanced-vision system (known as EVS II) are now FAA certified. The approvals apply to applications on the Gulfstream G350/450/500/550 and make the company the first OEM to provide its customers with both enhanced- and synthetic-vision systems. The synthetic vision primary flight display (SV-PFD) depicts three-dimensional, color terrain images derived from EGPWS data, while the EVS II projects real-time images from a nose-mounted infrared camera onto a head-up display (HUD). In addition, the EVS II confirms all of the terrain and airport images projected on the SV-PFD. According to Gulfstream, the new EVS II is 22 pounds lighter, has four times the computational power and four times the memory of the original EVS, which was certified by the FAA in September 2001. Gulfstream is now working with Rockwell Collins on HUD-II, an all-digital HUD that allows the pilot to see an integrated display of flight information and an infrared image from EVS II in almost all weather conditions.