GII/III Hushkitter Stage III Shut Down

 - February 12, 2008, 10:34 AM

Stage III Technologies on Friday ceased operations pending further funding, leaving just one company–Miami-based Quiet Technology Aerospace–currently providing hush kits for the Gulfstream II and III market. Stage III’s hush kit was FAA certified in 2005 for the Gulfstream II, IIB and III, and the first four installations, priced at $1.1 million, were scheduled for this March, July, August and September. “There was not enough money to continue operations over the next six months that would ensure smooth installation of these units,” an industry source told AIN. The Stage III hush kit included a 10-lobe mixer nozzle coupled with an acoustically lined ejector and new cascade-style thrust reversers replacing the original clamshells. Stage III employed 10 people and its assets include nearly one complete hush kit, the FAA Supplemental Type Certificate and three patents, according to the source. “I would hope that perhaps somebody could see this as an opportunity to get into [the Gulfstream hush-kit business] at a reasonable price and move forward. I think that people would be disappointed not to see any competition.” The source also said that Stage III might be able to obtain enough funding to complete at least one hush-kit installation. In related news, QTA said it is installing its 60th Stage 3 hush kit on a GII this week.