Dassault Logs Record Falcon Sales

 - February 21, 2008, 8:59 AM

Dassault Aviation chairman and CEO Charles Edelstenne today released last year’s sales and financial results for the French aircraft manufacturer. For the third consecutive year, Dassault set a record for business jet sales, with firm orders for 212 Falcons. “The results are a tremendous statement to the benefits of business aviation, which are only now being understood in some areas of the world,” said Edelstenne. Dassault’s Falcon business jet sales reached $7.1 billion (EU$4.8 billion), accounting for 57 percent of the company’s consolidated sales. The manufacturer delivered 70 Falcons last year, just five shy of the record it set in 2001. Edelstenne attributed the sales growth to markets such as Europe, Russia, Brazil and the Asia-Pacific countries as they “entered a rapid expansion phase.” Edelstenne added, “Those markets continue to grow along with India and the Middle East. Dassault’s sales balance is moving toward those and other countries, from markets that have traditionally been the strongest like the United States.”