Diamond Looks To a Higher Power for D-Jet

 - March 20, 2008, 10:55 AM

Late last week, Diamond Aircraft selected a more powerful version of the Williams FJ33 turbofan–the FJ33-4A-19–for its single-engine D-Jet. With 1,900 pounds of thrust versus 1,564 pounds for the originally planned FJ33-4A-15, the more powerful engine offers “a potential future performance upgrade path” for the very light jet. According to Diamond, Williams International’s accelerated development schedule of the -19 engine made the switch possible now, “rather than reactively introducing it at a later date in response to competitive pressures.” The new engine offers several technological advances that result in better bleed air handling and improved specific fuel consumption, the company said. However, the engine swap will delay initial D-Jet deliveries by about 12 months to the second quarter of next year, Diamond Aircraft president Peter Maurer noted. Diamond said it will deliver the FJ33-19-equipped aircraft to current position holders at the $1.38 million (2006 $) contracted price, though a price increase for future orders is expected soon.