UK Government Scraps Bizliner Plan

 - March 27, 2008, 12:26 PM

Arguments for a UK government corporate-aircraft operation were dealt a blow yesterday when Prime Minister Gordon Brown announced that he was dropping plans to acquire two bizliners to carry ministers and members of the British royal family in favor of a single smaller business jet for domestic use only. Because of inadequate available service from a Royal Air Force (RAF) squadron also charged with other duties, the British government in June 2006 announced plans for a service using two second-hand bizliners: one with capacity for 70 passengers and another to seat 15, each with basic interiors and secure communications. But increased costs of aircraft acquisition and operation, greater use of scheduled services, tighter guidelines on use of RAF equipment and value concerns about aircraft charter have led the UK Department for Transport to recommend procurement of “a small aircraft” (make and model currently unspecified) for official travel within national borders, aircraft charter for longer journeys with small parties and continued use of British airlines for flights involving large parties.