Embraer Joins the Carbon Offset Bandwagon

 - April 15, 2008, 11:05 AM

Embraer is launching a voluntary carbon offset program for its Embraer Executive Care (EEC) customers later this year, according to director of environmental strategies and technologies Graciliano Campos. The EEC program allows customers to purchase coverage for maintenance and parts, and an additional option will allow them to purchase carbon credits to offset aircraft emissions. Campos said the company is still researching various offset programs, but he added that it might support local projects, such as planting trees in Brazil. “There are a number of interesting projects right here in Brazil,” he said. “We don’t have to go to the Amazon to reduce emissions.” When questioned about the doubts many have about the effectiveness of reforestation projects to reduce emissions, Campos said, “We intend to assemble the program in such a way that we’re buying carbon credits from accredited sources.” He added that Embraer will not make a profit on the carbon credits it sells. “We want to be recognized as a company that cares about the environment,” he concluded.