Will Bizav Be Slow To Adopt Alternative Fuels?

 - April 24, 2008, 11:10 AM

Business and general aviation will likely be “slow adopters” of alternative fuel unless they have significant incentive, such as price, according to Frost & Sullivan research analysts. The global growth consulting company recently released a Global Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuel Market study that compares the different types of alternative fuel being developed and lists the candidates deemed most likely to succeed in the market. The study also discusses the research under way by engine manufacturers and OEMs. Airlines are more likely to embrace alternative fuels for two reasons, according to industry manager Wayne Plucker. First, transatlantic flights will soon face carbon taxes from the European Union. “To be blunt, that is mostly a political issue,” he told AIN. Second, the airlines want to appear “green” to their customers and investors. “In actuality, many of the alternative fuels are not very carbon neutral, but the perception is important,” Plucker explained.