Aircell Sets Broadband Pricing for Bizav

 - April 29, 2008, 10:11 AM

Aircell said it will charge a flat monthly fee of $1,495 for unlimited access to its air-to-ground broadband data service by business aviation users. “We believe all-you-can-use pricing makes the most sense for the business aviation market,” said Aircell CEO Jack Blumenstein at last week's AEA convention in Washington D.C., adding that per-passenger pricing models will be rolled out for fractional jet owners after the broadband service debuts later this year. The broadband hardware needed to access the service aboard large-cabin business jets, which Blumenstein said will be similar to the two-antenna data systems being installed now on a number of American Airlines Boeing 767s, will cost $125,000. He added that lower-priced systems for smaller business jets will also be offered. Aircell, meanwhile, announced that access to its GoGo broadband Internet service for airline passengers will cost $9.95 on flights of less than three hours and $12.95 for longer flights. A nationwide network of 92 broadband sites will provide coverage across the U.S. above 10,000 feet. Blumenstein said Aircell can rapidly expand the network to as many as 500 ground sites to meet future capacity demand.