Senate FAA Reauthorization Bill Hits Another Snag

 - May 8, 2008, 12:20 PM

The Senate bill to reauthorize and fund the FAA is once again stalled on the tarmac because of procedural infighting between Republicans and Democrats. After a surprise compromise that would create no new user fees, lobbyists thought the Senate version of FAA reauthorization was on its way to quick passage. But senators quickly lined up with amendments to the measure, some of which had nothing to do with aviation. After an attempt to close off debate on the Senate bill (S.1300), it was pulled from the Senate floor and put on indefinite hold. The Helicopter Association International reported lawmakers are beginning to prepare an extension of the current authorization that would last through the fall of next year. Such an extension could threaten the funding compromise over user fees because unenacted bills die at the end of this 110th Congress later this year, meaning lawmakers essentially would be starting from scratch on the legislation next year.