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Le Bourget FBO intros JetEx to Europe

 - May 19, 2008, 12:29 PM

Dubai-based JetEx Flight Support has announced a major move into the European marketplace. The company is to open a new FBO at Paris Le Bourget Airport in October, providing full ground handling services and a large VVIP lounge, as well as in-flight catering and ground transportation.

The new facility is located in Le Bourget’s Terminal d’Aviation d’Affaires building. The development is the first stage in an ambitious international expansion plan that could see JetEx developing a network of FBOs throughout Europe and the Middle East, as locations become available.

“The JetEx philosophy is to aim at the high end of the market in all its activities,” said Patrice Geens, the company’s business development director. This is why it has decided to open its first FBO at one of Europe’s top business aviation gateways, despite the fact that there are already half a dozen existing facilities at the French airport.

JetEx (Booth No. 1123) is backed by private investors. With Western companies increasingly expanding in the Middle East to tap rising demand for business aviation in that part of the world, this is the first time a Middle East company has established permanent operations in the West.