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Midcoast To Upgrade Falcon 50s

 - May 19, 2008, 6:53 AM

Premier Aircraft, a joint venture between West Star Aviation and Yankee Pacific Aerospace, has named Midcoast Aviation as an authorized distributor for 50Dash4 performance upgrades for Falcon 50 business jets. According to Premier, demand for the upgrade is accelerating as performance guarantees have been regularly exceeded in operational use. For example, at Mach 0.8 cruise, the 50Dash4 can fly 300 to 600 nm farther than the standard Falcon 50, depending upon departure airport and climb conditions with all other conditions identical. Offering greater range/payload, shorter time-to-climb, higher initial cruise altitude and reduced runway requirements for high/hot or short/hot airports, the STC provides for the installation of TFE731-4-1C engines converted by Honeywell from its TFE731-3/3D configuration. Dallas, Texas-based West Star Aviation is displaying a newly completed Falcon 50 with the 50Dash4 performance upgrade.