EBACE Convention News

Avinode’s growth spurts

 - May 21, 2008, 2:55 AM

In keeping with its name, online charter tracker Avinode (Booth No. 723) is gathering momentum as a connection point for the aviation charter industry after barely four years in business. According to marketing director Nina Bertilsdotter, Avinode has nearly 900 members worldwide and has been adding more at the rate of about 20 per month. “Actually,” she said, “we signed 26 new members in April.”
Headquartered in Sweden, the company also operates in the U.S., where its membership is approaching 200. In February, Executive Jet Management signed on to market its product and Sentient is using Avinode to “improve its marketing and make its operation more efficient.” More recently, XOJet, Pentastar and Canada’s Sky Service have also signed with Avinode.
Here at EBACE, the company launched two new levels of the existing Avinode marketplace that are designed to offer clients the options that most closely suit their businesses. “There are several different business models in the industry, and the new product portfolio takes this into consideration,” said Niclas Wennerholm, who shares CEO responsibilities with co-owner Niklas Berg. Executive v-p Per Marthinsson is the other co-owner.

Exhibiting with Avinode are 12 of its customers that have varied fleet profiles and are from different geographical locations: Air Lazur, Bulgaria; ARG/US, U.S.; Capital Jets, Russia; and Triple Alpha, Germany.