FAA Backs Down after MRO Company Fights Back`

 - May 29, 2008, 11:43 AM

After issuing emergency orders of revocation, the FAA agreed to rescind its revocation of Tulsa, Okla.-based Southwest Aviation Specialties’ repair station certificate and the A&P certificate held by general manager David Guzman. The agency issued the emergency order of revocation on March 17 after launching the investigation in October 2006, according to Guzman. The dispute involved FAA allegations that Southwest Aviation didn’t overhaul some components correctly and that the company didn’t have the authority to overhaul these components because of questions about its capabilities list and operations specifications, all stemming from the departure of two disgruntled employees who stole parts from Southwest Aviation. Guzman said that an “out of control” FAA inspector pursued the issue and that the FAA refused to acknowledge that its allegations were false. Before the issue could go to trial, the FAA called Guzman and asked if he would agree not to sue the agency if it rescinded the emergency order of revocation. Guzman said it cost more than $50,000 to fight the FAA’s attempt to shutter his company. “There was never any intent, desire or will to do anything but follow the regulations,” he said.