Online Safety Briefing Developed for TEB

 - June 10, 2008, 11:26 AM

Teterboro (N.J.) Airport has become the first in the nation to implement a Web-based airport-specific flight crew briefing. It was produced by the National Air Transportation Association’s (NATA) Safety 1st program and funded by a grant from the FAA. The Safety 1st briefing is a customized online training tool that gives pilots and other flight crewmembers flying into and out of Teterboro Airport access to critical safety information about the airport, including its location, layout, operations, regulations and safety and security procedures. Notably, it presents pilots views of specific hot spots, scenarios for common pilot errors, aircraft lighting configurations, takeoff procedures and other information that is critical to safe aircraft operations at the airport. Officials and staff of Teterboro Airport worked closely with NATA and Avstar Media to develop the Safety 1st briefing software and template for the online program and then customized it with Teterboro’s unique characteristics. The software and template will be offered to other airports to customize to their specific operations.