NBAA Convention News

Chevron launches two FBO-related services

 - June 11, 2008, 9:56 AM

Two new programs designed to enhance FBO operations have been inaugurated by Chevron Aviation. One of these, called TotalGA, is designed to be a private online fuel ordering marketplace for customers. The other, the Alliance Program, is a purchase card designed to enhance the ability of FBOs and flight departments to buy Chevron products and services and access accounting data.

Keith Sawyer, business development manager, said TotalGA is part of his company’s efforts to find improved ways of delivering fuel efficiently and reliably to customers. “TotalGA online fuel ordering will contribute to Chevron’s product integrity commitment of delivering products on specification 100 percent of the time.” Besides providing a method for ordering fuel and supplies, he said, complete weather forecasting and flight tracking and planning also are available through this Internet portal at There is no cost for customers to join the program.

Alliance Program members can use an Alliance card to purchase products and services and access accounting information. The card can be used for both a contract-into-plane sale or a retail sale. Customers must apply for the card. Chevron has representatives in the field who can supply application forms, or customers can call program director Kim Ruth at (925) 842-5510 for a form or get it online at

Chevron also announced taking part in the new Corporate Angel Award honoring corporations that make outstanding humanitarian contributions as part of their business aircraft activities.

The first recipient of the Corporate Angel Award, jointly organized by Chevron Aviation and Business & Commercial Aviation magazine, is Corning Inc. in recognition of that firm’s providing free air transportation for cancer patients needing specialized treatment. Presentation of the award to William Schultz, Corning flight manager, originally was planned for the September NBAA show, but has been delayed to the postponed New Orleans convention, December 12 to 14.