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ExxonMobil introduces PremierCare

 - June 11, 2008, 6:49 AM

ExxonMobil Aviation has unveiled its new PremierCare certification system, an instruction and qualification program for line service personnel at Avitat and other Exxon-branded FBOs.

“The general aviation community expects an extremely high level of service,” explained Richard Oldham, U.S. general aviation manager for ExxonMobil Aviation. “The PremierCare certification system is designed to help ensure that FBO line service technicians meet those expectations in every respect, every time.”

The program was developed by technical specialists, and includes two levels of training sessions for new as well as experienced employees. Each level consists of eight modules that cover various facets of a successful FBO, including safety, fuels and refueling procedures, aircraft servicing, quality control and customer service. Classroom materials are available in both CD and video formats, augmented by hands-on practical reviews with supervisory personnel.

When an employee has successfully completed all the modules and demonstrated proficiency in all areas, he or she is declared a PremierCare certified specialist, receives a certificate of completion and a distinctive PremierCare uniform patch.

“Because it will be available system-wide, [certification] can help ensure the same high standards at Avitat and other Exxon-branded FBOs,” Oldham concluded. “Our customers are high achievers and they appreciate consistent excellence.”