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Pocket doors ready to install

 - June 11, 2008, 10:15 AM

Steecon Enterprises has manufactured more than 500 pocket doors for corporate and business aircraft since it started operations in 1988. The company offers several different pocket doors built to fit specific size aircraft, and each door is built completely assembled and ready to install to aircraft bulkheads, said a spokesman.

The Steecon pocket doors incorporate a number of patented features. To meet FAA decompression standards, the company designed a patented “blow out” hinge system that allows the door to swing forward at a minimum of 65 lb of pressure in case of decompression. Retractable footers at the base of the door segments allow the bottom portion of the door to retract, allowing it to drop vertically and clear curved headliners.

Other features include an “easy access”  system that allows quick installation and removal of the entire pocket door assembly without removal of the bulkheads. A curved bulkhead design provides the customer with an additional design option.