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B/E seats and de-ice lines pay off

 - June 18, 2008, 9:49 AM

The FAA has issued a technical  service order (TSO) confirming the B/E Aerospace passenger seat for the Gulfstream G200 (née Galaxy) complies with 16-g dynamic testing requirements. The company said it is the 38th such order since its first 16-g certification in 1992.

The B/E-engineered seat incorporates a highly stylized design, and its leg rests and recline features provide full flat berthing capability, including a seat pan lifter and lower back support to provide maximum sleeping comfort, said the company.

Based on a patented track and swivel design, the seat has a positive-locking system and positive swivel lock to precisely position the seat for takeoff and landing.

All seats will be delivered in B/E’s standard 45-day lead time and will replace the original installation on 12 existing aircraft.

De-ice Line Expanded

In addition to supplying pneumatic de-ice systems for a wide variety of aircraft, B/E’s Ice Shield line has been expanded to include applications for the Beech Bonanza A36 and A36-TC, Mitsubishi MU-2B and the Cessna 400 series. The aftermarket system is interchangeable with existing de-icers and fully compatible with existing air supply systems.

“We offer 48-hour delivery in North America at no additional cost,” said Mark Krosney, group vice president and general manager of the B/E Business Jet Group. “Our Web-based product catalog makes it fast and easy to view product listings and technical information on all of our de-icing systems.” The catalog can be viewed at