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JetPlan has new software

 - June 18, 2008, 11:28 AM

Jeppesen recently announced the release of two flight-planning interfaces, one browser-based and one using TCP/IP communication protocol, for its JetPlan flight-planning software.

According to the company, the new Windows-based JetPlanner user interface, designed for small- to medium-size airlines  and corporate flight departments, “ideal for operators requiring sophisticated flight planning functionality” combined with low communications costs.

“JetPlanner takes flight planning with JetPlan a step further,” said Derek Towns, product manager of flight planning for Jeppesen. “JetPlanner comes packed with high-resolution graphical tools and makes use of inexpensive TCP/IP communications technology to make Jeppesen flight planning easier to use and even more cost effective.”

Available in December, JetPlanner will provide a more user-friendly approach to accessing currently existing JetPlan capabilities, such as real-time weather, routing and airspace information; ETOPS, drift-down and optimal scenario analysis functionality, variable cost indexing, fuel tankering/in-flight refueling calculations and the ability to run flight plans on a preselected time-trigger basis, said Towns. JetPlanner also includes a “rubber-band routing” function, allowing users graphically to plot and manipulate planned routings.

JetPlan users will also soon be able to access the flight planning engine “on the road” using a new browser-based interface. Available this month, will allow users to create flight plans or check weather, Notams and routing constraints from any Internet connection using Internet Explorer version 5.0 or higher, and then transmit the information using SITA, AFTN, fax or e-mail. Users can also file ATC plans via AFTN.

“Wherever you have access to the Internet, whether a hotel room, an FBO or an aircraft itself, you can get access to,” said Towns. “No more difficult and unreliable dial-up sessions, especially in out-of-the-way places.”

Towns said is ideal for the corporate user who needs worldwide flight planning capability, but who does not require the full range of functions provided in the JetPlanner application. can also serve as a solution for airline operations needing access to JetPlan at out-stations. Users must register with Jeppesen before using the Web site, but no additional software is required.