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OneView integrated into Rosen's cabin IFE system

 - June 18, 2008, 11:41 AM

Rosen Products is making a splash in the new product pool with announcement of the integration of Honeywell’s OneView satellite-direct television into its cabin entertainment system and introduction of a new wide-aspect ratio flat-panel monitor.

The Eugene, Ore.-based entertainment, information and communication systems company said it has completed the integration of Honeywell’s OneView AIS-1000 Airborne Information System into its own cabin entertainment system. With this, Rosen customers have a choice of more than 60 satellite-direct television channels, using the DirecTV satellite communication system. The total system–multi-channel receiver and antenna–weighs 25.5 lb. The KU-band antenna is enclosed in a bullet fairing atop the vertical stablizer and does not interfere with operation of a satcom antenna which is typically installed in the same location. The installed cost of the AIS-1000 is in the $200,000 to $300,000 range.

Rosen claims to have created the first “totally integrated, fully controllable entertainment system that is completely separate from aircraft management systems.” The OneView system provides reception over the continental U.S.  Honeywell is already developing an AIS-2000 upgrade that will expand coverage to other geographic regions. OneView contains up to four individually selected receivers for simultaneous television viewing of different programming at various locations throughout the aircraft.

Wide-aspect Monitor Available

Rosen’s wide-aspect-ratio, seven-inch flat-panel display monitors will be featured prominently as “widescreen,” the DVD-compatible format that closely matches the standard motion picture format, allowing the retention of full horizontal and vertical resolution. This format, according to Rosen, also allows the screen’s appearance to “more fully fill the viewer’s peripheral vision.”

The screen offers 160-deg of horizontal and vertical viewing, making screen images more easily observed from a wider range of locations within the passenger cabin.

The 28-volt, DC-power monitor has built-in digital controls for backlight dimming and selecting one of four different viewing modes, including “cinema” and “full zoom.” The weight of 2.7 lb includes the SPX base mount with right, left or center placement of the monitor. The brightness rating for the 1,440- by 234-pixel high-resolution unit is 350 NIT. It is fully DO-160D tested to meet aviation industry standards.

Rosen also has plans to release a two-inch thick, 24-in. version of the wide-aspect monitor later this year. It will offer a 200 NIT brightness rating, 1,920- by 1,200 resolution, full color capability and adjustments for brightness, color and contrast.

The new seven-inch and the 24-inch wide-aspect monitors will be offered as part of an overall cabin entertainment system or sold alone and covered by a two-year warranty.