ARG/US’s Feathers Ruffled at NATA Summit

 - June 19, 2008, 11:56 AM

ARG/US is publicly disputing claims made at the NATA Air Charter Summit held last week in Chantilly, Va., by the Air Charter Safety Foundation about its new industry audit standard. Russ Lawton, director of safety management for NATA’s ACSF, said the group had “very strong participation” from organizations such as Wyvern and ARG/US in creating the ACSF’s new standard and worked “very closely” with them. However, ARG/US executive vice president Mike Fischer told AIN that ARG/US was invited to one meeting to discuss the creation of the standard and sent Kathy Tyler, its director of sales and marketing, to “observe.” Fischer said Tyler did not take part in developing the standard. He also claimed that Jacqueline Rosser, executive director of the ACSF, told a number of operators that the ACSF standard would “absolutely” replace all others in the industry. During an interview with AIN, however, Rosser said, “It is not our purpose to put anyone out of the marketplace.” She explained that once training for the new standard commences in July or August, existing auditing companies would send their auditors to ACSF training but would not have to change their business practices. “We don’t do the audits,” Rosser said. “We verify the report.”