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Airshow to serve G200 pilots & pax

 - June 20, 2008, 5:53 AM

Airshow signed a four-year agreement with Gulfstream to provide cabin management and source equipment for the super-midsize Gulfstream 200 (née Galaxy) business jet.  

Dennis Ferguson, Airshow’s president, said, “We’re proud to continue to build on our long relationship with Gulfstream. We look forward to working with them to develop, manufacture and deliver these industry-leading systems for the G200 program.” Airshow is a provider of moving map displays and real-time information services.

The Tustin, Calif.-based company, a subsidiary of Acterna Corp., will provide its integrated cabin management system of switches and controllers and the AirPlay line of DVD, CD and VCP entertainment components as well as the Airshow 400 and Airshow Network products. Gulfstream anticipates installation in a minimum of 24 aircraft per year.  

The hardware will be configured to control lighting, audio and video systems. It also includes new switch panels with removable bezels providing the flexibility to install the core electronics while the major completion work is being done. The final, plated switch covers are then dropped in when the aircraft is ready for customer delivery.  

The Airshow 400 and Network combination provides moving maps and real-time information in the cabin and on the flight deck.  Passengers can select from such options as real-time stock quotes, market trend analysis, national and international news and the latest sports scores. Flight crews also can use the new communication capability to receive real-time, ground-based Doppler weather radar images and text weather. The Airshow ground-based network operations center receives about 10,000 requests for information per month from aircraft worldwide. The company also offers live satellite broadcast TV and music through its Airshow TV system.