Weco-overhauled Aircraft Parts Cited in FAA Notice

 - June 26, 2008, 11:59 AM

The FAA’s scrutiny of Weco Aerospace Systems of Burbank, Calif., has taken a new turn with the issuance of an FAA Unapproved Parts Notification. The document paints a broad stroke under the affected products statement, citing hundreds of “aircraft components and instruments approved for return to service by Weco, Inc.” The beleaguered company, acquired by Gulfstream Aerospace a year ago, was an FAA Part 145 and EASA repair station supporting the corporate, helicopter, airline and military aircraft industries. The agency underscores in the document that regulations require type-certified products to conform to their type design, adding, “Aircraft owners, operators, maintenance organizations and parts distributors should inspect their aircraft, aircraft records and/or parts inventories for any aircraft components or instruments approved for return to service by Weco.” While the FAA stopped short of declaring all of Weco’s work unairworthy, it specifies, “If you find any of these components or instruments installed on aircraft, you should take appropriate action. If you find components or instruments in existing inventory, we recommend you segregate them to prevent installation until their eligibility for installation is determined.”